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Information Architecture (IA)

Structuring, organising and modelling information and data content inline with design aesthetics to achieve maximum results and usability.

Brand Strategy

A comprehensive brand development plan, which includes brand characteristics, community, customers, emotions, environment and marketplace.

Digital Strategy

Defines the brand/company vision, goals and opportunities within the digital space. This includes a detailed plan, mapping out your digital footprint, online advertising, website, search engine optimisation, mobile, social and email marketing.

Social Media Strategy

Involves developing the framework for your brand’s social interactions online, defining your audience, message and touch points to effectively converse and engage.

Content Development

Creating relevant concise content is crucial for effective communication solutions. However, copywriting should be specific to its application, whether that be website, brochures, collateral, print/press materials, online campaigns, blogs, e-newsletters and presentation content.


A critical part of the brand process is the naming of a product or service. It involves both a linguistic and creative approach in order to achieve the most effective and memorable naming device for your product/brand.

Brand Development

The process of creatively developing the identifier of your brand. This is then outwardly executed to represent the trademark to the market and visually represent the brand. Execution encompasses: logo development, stationery suite, signage, packaging, merchandise branding etc.

Graphic Design

Well designed communication pieces need to consider typography, visual art and layout to ensure that the key brand elements and messages are tailored to appeal to the desired audience. We design for all types of medium, including posters, brochures, merchandise, collateral, sales materials, signage, street art and press.


Effective advertising campaigns must start with a creative concept that will appeal, entice and persuade the desired audience. This concept must work in all defined advertising channels. Strong visuals, messaging, calls to action and key branding is essential to developing commercially successful campaigns.

Media Planning

The planning phrase starts with the process of choosing the most cost-effective media, for advertising to achieve the required coverage. Followed by the media buying phase subject to the defined marketing schedule.

User Experience Design (UX)

The process of mapping out and defining the user’s interaction with a website or online medium. It addresses all aspects of functionality and design, ensuring the user can navigate and interact with the site efficiently and effectively.

Website Development

Following on from the website design phase, website development is the defining and building of the (back-end) functionality component of a website. This involves using a range of technical specialist applications and software to code and construct a functioning website.

Digital Publishing

Transform your publications into exciting interactive experiences for optimal digital viewing e.g. e-books, e-mags, e-presentations, e-newsletters and blogs.


A popular medium to graphically represent data and supporting information in a clear visual style that is speedy for the intended audience to understand patterns and trends.

Character Development

It is essential when developing a character whether it be a brand asset or a character used to tell a particular story, to initially define the essence of the character; gender, age, physical attributes, culture etc.

2D Animation

Animation is an effective way to tell a story, conduct a visual demonstration, enhance e-learning applications, or convey instructions. Starting with an initial storyboard, to map out the key sequence and interaction, we progress to character development and production adding audio and visual FX to enhance the end result.

Digital Marketing

Digital campaigns encompass targeted, measurable and interactive marketing using digital technologies to reach and convert leads into customers and retain them. Commercially successful campaigns promote brands, build preference, engage with customers and increase sales through various digital marketing techniques such as: search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, influencer marketing, content automation, email marketing, social media optimisation, display advertising and digital publishing etc.

Email Marketing Campaigns

An essential element to any marketing strategy, email marketing is a direct versatile tool. Campaigns can be targeted at desired audiences to communicate, build relationships, encourage loyalty, solicit sales, drive interest and gather important data for both existing and potential customers.

Our proprietary email marketing platform AgentSender, utilises the UKs leading specialist technology. The software allows you to manage all stages of your email marketing activity and integrates seamlessly with most CRM systems.

Social Media Campaigns

Effective social media campaigns focus on creating valuable content that is posted accross social network sites to engage and encourage your targeted online community to share. Social network sharing and hits can be directly linked to website traffic and build your online database of followers.

Search Engine Marketing

Critical to the success of any website is being found online, therefore it is paramount that you invest in increasing your website search rankings and visibility. Methods such as pay-per-click and ad-words aid in optimising your website to increase its overall online search rankings.

Website Promotion

Running online promotional activities can result in customer acquisition. This could be a limited time offer, specific promotions, rich media campaigns or the launch of a micro-site. Campaigns can be specifically created and implemented across affiliate partners’ channels for greater reach.

Display Advertising and Remarketing

Online display advertising is available in several formats; banner ads and rich media that contain interactive elements such as text, images, animation, video and audio. Networks will display your ad on relevant websites with visitor profiles that are likely to be interested in your proposition. The largest display network is not surprisingly Google, which encompass remarketing capabilities, however there are plenty of others depending on your requirements.